L’épicerie Bordelaise

12 Rue Ravez, 33000 Bordeaux

Neighborhood : St. Paul, near Place Fernand LaFargue and Cours Alace Lorraine                       Transport : Tram A, stops : Ste Catherine or Place du Palais

I popped over to this little spot last weekend. Picture it : high eatery-style counters and a whole lot of foodie types (read: younger people that peeled themselves out of bed before noon on a Sunday to get a bite at THIS particular establishment).

Let’s get down to it :

Three main dishes and one main one side/appetizer for the veg folk:

1. The Banh Mi burger (9 euros) with tofu pieces (not crispy and a bit tricky to eat, but forgiven in the shadow of the tastiness of the peanut sauce) and carrots, cucumber, and lettuce amongst other various veg on a bun that reminds you that ALL breads are good in France, no joke.

2. Vegetable nems (3 euros) (sort of like a thicker-skinned, deeper-fried spring roll) with some legit mushrooms.

3. Tofu salad (9 euros) – which I have not tested…yet! – is a composed of rice, mixed vegetables and tofu, though the tofu preparation and sauce remains a mystery for the moment…

4. Salade with nems (9 euros) – presumably the same as the tofu, with the nems switched in for the tofu and with perhaps a different sauce. Again, this one remains untested by this reviewer.

Cons :

  • Despite the “various” options available to veggies there is a bit more what I would call “recycling” of ingredients to make different dishes. As per the standard in our dear Bordeaux, the asian food restaurant business has not leaned that hard into the veg movement.
  • UBER busy on weekends especially and you may have to grab the waiter, literally, by the collar.

Pros :

  • Despite the bustle, service is efficient and quick once you’ve ordered.
  • The food is fresh! The veg is fresh!
  • Prices are reasonable.
  • Have heard their juices (Hellooo Hibiscus!) and milkshakes are tasty (though can’t vouch for them personally).


In short : Bordeaux is a hip place to be and this diner-style hang out reminds us of just that: ambiance there is. So, if you’re looking for cheap-er eats then this is your place. That burger will hold ya, I can tell you that.


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