Le Boulanger de l’Hôtel de ville

– 76, rue des 3 Conils 33000 Bordeaux –

Neighborhood :  St. Christoly, right next to Place Pey Berland                                             Transport : Tram A or B, same stop on both lines : Hotel de ville

So this is really my dream combination of bakery/cafe/reading nook and a sorely needed one at that! Sit-down bakery spaces are not actually a THING in France more widely, so the few hybrid exceptions are a welcome change.

Delicious bread smells waft. It’s cosy on the inside in the winter while during the warm months they open the entire front of the place to let in all the air and sunshine. You can’t really get much better than this. Period. Plus, being surrounded by piles of pastries is kind of magical.

Only one veg sandwich option for lunch : a generously-served, sliced mozza with sundried tomatoes and pesto on a mini baguette (about 4 euros). Yep, super delicious.

Cons :

  • They do not appear to use any organic ingredients (A tear in my soul on this one).
  • Only one savory lunch option for the veg folk. No vegan options.
  • Can get wildly busy at lunchtime (from around 12.30 to 2pm), so just be prepared for that.


  • Reasonably priced pastries that are just downright yum.
  • They do sell whole grain breads, including heartier types which qualify as – for lack of a better name -“country bread” (please, excuse this term). They’re substantial and aren’t found in many other bakeries. Keepin’ it close to the roots – you gotta respect that.
  • The counter guys/gal are really super nice, will serve you at your chosen table once you’ve ordered at the counter, and to boot speak wicked good (if not native!) English.


In short : This is a a really nice spot to have a sandwich or a pastry and ponder all the curious folk passing through to buy a baguette… and it won’t cost you “the eyes out of your head” as they say.



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