16 Quai de Bacalan 33300 Bordeaux

Neighborhood : Chartrons    Transport: Tram B,  stop : Les Hangars

Alright, so any cursory google search of vegetarian joints in the city will pull this joint up. But, it all makes sense given it’s high ranking on trip advisor. Yet, I’d be remiss if I didn’t also put my two cents in along with the other ton of reviews online…

This restaurant serves creative, all organic (as per their site), and only vegetarian and vegan fare. Now, hold on to your hats : this is a PARADISE for fans of ‘dips’, ‘spreads’, and all creamy, saucy derivatives thereof! You’ll be treated to a colorful , Garden of Eden menagerie du jour if you get what could only be called a kind of taster plate that is composed of various tapas-size servings of dreamyness. We are not only about looks, let me be clear, but are also not a bite without flay-vor at Rest’O!

The lovely duo that runs the restaurant will make you feel at home while the locale itself is a small one that will make you feel more like you’ve stepped through a portal into a small town cafe. The chef will come out to explain exactly what you’ve got on your plate and if there is no rush, will be more than willing to exchange at length on ingredients, food inspiration, and the rest…

To note : there is no visible sign outside, so you’ve really got to keep your eye on the building numbers on your first visit.

Cons :

  • They’ve started doing dinner on Fridays and Saturdays now, but otherwise they’re only open for lunch during the week (closed Mondays).
  • They’re always full (understandably so!) and so would STRONGLY recommend reserving the morning of from about 10am. I’ve found there’s no use in leaving a message, best to get a live body on the phone.


  • (CONSISTENTLY) delicious. Yep, been three times in three months.
  • Worth every.single.penny. (lunch without a drink runs around 15 euros for lunch, 2o euros for dinner).
  • They seem to always have availability the day-of for reservations, so it’s fairly easy to get a spot.
  • Go locavore cooking!!
  • VEGAN option, no sweat …yep, pretty dreamy.

In short : MOVE. GO. NOW. This is in a way a legit culinary experience. It has made me want to explore and test in ways that I hadn’t thought of before in my own kitchen.


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