–  2 Place Fernand Lafargue, 33000 Bordeaux –

Neighborhood : St. Paul   Transport : Tram A, stops : Ste Catherine or Place du Palais

So, I got take out from Santosha a few weeks ago, the expectations were flowing… I was ready to have some DE-LISH drunken noodles or why not, go wild – a good ol’ green curry! A veggie pal of mine, also of the same curry-thirsty mindset, accompanied me on this quest.

Extremely limited veg choice, despite the promises…

Much to our chagrin, amongst the many yummy sounding dishes the only one that presented itself as forthrightly végétarien is the mixed vegetables or Bon Hé.  When I asked if it were possible to modify any dishes to suit non-fish-eating vegetarians the only other dish proposed was the Pad Thai (without shrimp).

Sighs all around…not a curry for us in sight.

So, my pal leapt at the pad thai, myself at the veg dish. Both were just okay. I mean really, just O.K.

Their site, might I add, has a right boastful little check next to the word “vegetarian” on the list of words they use to describe their restaurant. That, my friends, is something we call a classic bait and switch. 

Cons :

  • The Bon Hé  sauce was a simple, soy sauce-based affair with little elaboration and a stingy serving of tofu which was not crispy in the least ( who doesn’t like a golden cube of tofu nestled into their rice?).
  • They’re in such a rush to fill orders they may forget to make your Pad Thai veggie, as happened to us. A neat pile of mini shrimp were left over in the carton…
  •  Bon Hé costs 12 euros. Not a great value.
  • Waitstaff in a mad rush (at all mealtimes it would seem, even during the week…yeesh…).

Pros :

  • Plenty of fresh veg and sauce was (at best) favorful enough.
  • Take-out turnover time is very quick.

In short :  I would not recommend Santosha for vegetarians, though it remains an option if you’re in the neighborhood and need to get a (pricey) veggie-rice bowl in a super hurry.

A better option nearby would be to hit up L’épicerie bordelaise.


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