Le New York Brasserie

4 cours Pasteur 33000 Bordeaux

A few months back during the summer, I went with a few pals to a Brasserie. And, affably enough, when asked about vegetarian dishes the waiter had a”vegetarian poke bowl” to propose.  I was pleasantly surprised.

A week and a bit of googling later, I discovered the concept is at its heart a kind of schmorgasbord in a bowl straight out of…Hawai’i

Le New York poke bowl, albeit a far cry from the original (that is, no fish) was a mixture of quinoa, dried fruits, legumes and fresh veg. Do try this one at home.

Note : Their site currently does not list this dish (maybe seasonal?), but does instead have a veggie penne available and the Victoria salad that might be made without the ham and chorizo.

Cons :

  • Only one or two veggie options on the menu.
  • Pricey. The poke bowl cost in the 12-15 euro range.
  • Depending on your like for sports bars and the season you are in, it may bother you that there is a match playing at almost all times. If you’re eating at the terrace – no big deal, but inside you may not be able to avoid it.

Pros :

  • Fresh ingredients and plain out yummy.
  • Patient waitstaff.

In short : Le New York does not have loads of veggie options, but they are willing to modify. A confirmed spot to go to if it’s a brasserie/bar you’re looking for that serves a bite of veg food.


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